Hi All,
This is the home page for Year 12 English. If you are in Mr Young, Mrs Wallace or Ms Adams' class you will find all of your resources and materials here for the year.

This homepage has materials on it relating to the entire year and in the navigation buttons to the side (or in the '...' button at the bottom right corner on your iPad) you will find specific pages for each of the learning outcomes.

We wish you good luck in the year ahead and hope you can achieve your goals.

Year 12 English Team

Exam Preparation
Here is your exam preparation. You will find a 'Survival Guide which goes through each of the three components, two practice papers and a slide show specifically dealing with the Language Analysis Section.

This space will be updated with additional suggestions and practice material so check back once you have worked through the material that is here currently.

Term 1 Holiday Work
Over the holidays you would normally be reading the next text. This time around you will be coming back to study a film however so we wont be setting that. In its place however we would like you to read some short texts which will introduce you to the ideas involved in the Context you will be working within. Below is the instructions and the four stories you will be working with. Make sure you download each file to your iPad please. This work will be checked in the first week back after EXEAT week.

The Instructions

The Stories

2012 Tutorial
This is the material we used in the tutorial to begin the year.

The study design for English can be found at the VCAA website. Remember the guidlines for Year 12 are quite srtict and set externaly.

Here is the year overview. This includes your SAC dates and information around the weighting of your assessment. Refer to this often throughout the year.

Summer Holiday Work
This is the work we have assigned for the summer break. You will find that there are three major tasks each with sub-taks to complete. Make sure you work through each one.

Reading and Responding: Your first text for the year is 'Brooklyn' by Colin Toibin. Below you will find a PDF file which outlines the work you need to undertake on it. This work, not including the reading, should take you approximately 5 hours.

Creating and Presenting: Later in the year you will be writing either expository, persuasive or creative pieces (or perhaps a blend of tow or more of these). In addition you will be exploring the context 'Whose Reality'. To get warmed up we felt it might be of benefit to try writing about events from multiple positions. The following file has a prompt and some instructions of how to develop and record a story. This work should take you around an hour.

Using Language To Persuade: You may have just finished an exam focussed on persuasive language and think you know it all but it is time to really sharpen those skills. In the first week each of you will have to present a two minute dissection of a cartoon on a topical issue. We will have given you a hard copy to prepare with over the break and shown you what is expected. This should take you about an hour to prepare.