Here you will find the work on both Brooklyn and The Things We Didn't See Coming

Your first homework task is to complete the following mini-discussions. Each should take you no longer than 30 minutes and I would suggest planning out your paragraph before writing it. Remember the fluency and expressiveness of your writing is going to determine how well you do throughout the year so take this opportunity to practice.

The following file is the first of your practice essays. You should read the instructions carefully and pay close attention to the assessment criteria. You should restrict yourself to an hour and a half to complete this essay, however you may use any resources you wish to write it. Remember the point of this first essay is to seek some feedback on your current level of skill.

To focus on the criteria for assessment you will need to work closely with the text and consider how differing interpretations are possible. In the following activity you will be provided with a number of passages and asked to discuss each one. The point is to explore what is being suggested by Toibin, how it is being suggested and what other readings and conclusions could be made from the same passage.

You should be up to continuing with the second set of mini discussions. This is the handout but your class will have arrived at some focus prompts for discussion after sharing their holiday homework on the human experiences explore in the text.

If you are still having trouble with essay writing here are some reminders: