Here you will find work on The Player and Spies

Here is the work for Spies:

Holiday Homework

In preparing for the Player here are two tasks for you to undertake in the last week of Term 1:

Term 1 Holiday Work
Over the holidays you would normally be reading the next text. This time around you will be coming back to study a film however so we wont be setting that. In its place however we would like you to read some short texts which will introduce you to the ideas involved in the Context you will be working within. Below is the instructions and the four stories you will be working with. Make sure you download each file to your iPad please. This work will be checked in the first week back after EXEAT week.

The Instructions

The Stories

Week 2 Materials

In the first week back you will have looked at an introduction to the context 'Whose Reality?' Here is the handout:

You will have also looked at a number of images that help you get into the mind frame of this context. They can be reviewed in the files below: