Here you will find anything you need for the analytical essay and your oral presentations.

A useful place to start for your oral presentations is too learn from a master. Have a read of the following information and follow the instructions in the document.

You should also look over the report from Mr Young which provided feedback to last year's group. It can be used as a guideline for what you should focus on in your own speech.

This year there are five topics to choose from and two statements for each. You may respond to either one. The statements are long and are intended to give you a range of things to stimulate your discussion. Each topic alludes to recent media issues. You will need to research these issues to find supporting material for your discussion. Be sure to record the sources of any evidence you might use.

Here is the assessment sheet. It had the topics on it too so scroll to the bottom for the assessment criteria.

Here is an chapter from a text book that presents a really useful way to approach planning, writing and practising your oral presentation.

Below is a file which you can use to self assess prior to giving your talk. You should practice many times but this gives you three opportunities to really refelct on your performance and address any issues that will impact on your mark.